TC Blog Post 9/30 – 10/3

Construction Site Visit – North Charleston Aquatics Center

Beth Novak – Project Manager

Construction Site Visit Continued – North Charleston Aquatics Center

I was really intrigued by the extraordinary masonry detail on the exterior of the building!

Beth Novak – Project Manager


Finally got back to working on the plan adjustments/ demolition/ new work needed to be made.

Savannah Commons  Medical Units

Mike Nixon – Project Lead



Hours Worked: 4 Hours

This week we were pushing more and more into the design development phase of the Savannah Commons project.  Continued work on developing plans and demolition sheets.  Overall really starting to get the hand of a lot of the programs and firm related design decisions that are implemented throughout a lot of the projects.  Finally got a new project to start working on as well.

AXP hours earned:

4 Project Planning & Design




Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Continued work on demolition sheets and developing plans for various parts of the Savannah Commons Project.  Started feeling a little more independent with the general workflow in the office.  Introduced to a newer MedCare Wing of the Savannah Commons.  Needed new plans and demo notes all together.

AXP hours earned:

4 Project Planning and Design



Hours Worked: 4 Hours

What an amazing day to be at SGA/NarmourWright.  Was finally able to go on a site visit and toured the currently developing North Charleston Aquatics Center.  Interesting place to see in person.  Started reviewing the construction documents for the site and was able to sit in on a meeting with the contractors and project leads/managers.  A very interesting dynamic to say the least.

AXP hours Earned:

2.5 Construction and Evaluation

1 Project Planning and Design



Hours worked 4 Hours

Continued Demolition documents for Savannah Commons and finally began a more detailed new work analysis for the project.  Fine tuned the interior settings of the various apartment types and also continued  new work and demolition on the MedCare portion of the building.

AXP Hours Earned:

3 Project Planning and Design


Definitely on the upswing with AutoCad, basically getting fluent with the program at this point which is always nice.  Really enjoyed being on the site visit and saw that there are a lot of intricate moving pieces when it comes to a construction site.  Things can’t get done at the correct pace if all the parts of a team aren’t working together.  Saw some anger directed at the general coordinator due to the fact that he wasn’t doing his job correctly in terms of wrangling his men to be more efficient.  This led to other areas of the build to take much much longer.  Day to day office life is improving and the one take away from this week would have to be that I have effectively started to check things off of my goal list.

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