Blog Post 9/23-9/26

9/23 – continuing redlines for Kiawah Residence Renovation

9/24 – continuing redlines for Kiawah Residence Renovation

9/25 – continuing redlines and site visit to Sullivan’s Island Residence

9/26 – Modeling cross bracing and columns for another Kiawah Residence Renovation


Weekly Reflection


Redlining for the Kiawah Residence Renovation helped me understand all that went into preparing a permit set for a small renovation. Modeling the cross bracing and columns I had to understand the size of the wood used for both the columns and cross braces. The site visit was used as a learning opportunity for my coworker and I and we got to learn more about the renovation of a historical house and how to handle differences in framing and detailing techniques. I learned how to match certain aspect of framing and detailing while also adding more modern touches without taking away from the historical aspect of the house. A lot of light colors mixed with darker wood was used and I learned about that approach as well as how cabinetry in both the kitchen and bathrooms can be improved in terms of detailing, how to properly hide appliances to make them look like cabinetry, and how to accent older portions of the house. I also learned about using protective windows instead of using shutters, and what a good vs. a  bad porch deck looked like. I also learned what it took to shield a house against the elements, especially being a house so close to the water.

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