TC Prompt 1

Building a Practice to that Adapts to Change 

For this prompt I really wanted to get the viewpoint of my “Mentor” figure, Mike.  One thing he said to me was that technological adaptation was a big portion of firm resiliency.

“Our firm has different committees… technology committee meets once a month…”

Something that stays in his mind is this idea that the firm has to be able to upgrade with the times so that they can always be on the cutting edge and stay around that much longer.  Not only do you have to stay up on new technological developments, but you also have to streamline.  In other words, you have to get rid of unnecessary weight that is potentially holding you down so to speak.  Whether that be excessive steps in the design process or people that are holding the team back as a whole.

From my personal point of view, I tend to agree with Mike.  I really think its all about how willing you are to adapt though.  A lot of people and practices get complacent and inevitably stagnant and that inherently deters from any major growth or development. A lot of people have this preconceived notion that they know what firm life is going to be like and they know exactly what they are gong to be like in a firm or practice and I’d say that no one really knows until it happens.  The nature of this business revolves around change and if you are not willing to accept that, then I’d say its likely you’ll end up failing in the long run.

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