Hawraa Charara – Daily Logs and Weekly Reflection – 3/25-3/28


Monday, March 25

Worked on making plans more coherent by going through and crossing out inapplicable details on a finished set for a park structure. Compiled, printed, and redlined 4 sets in the process of getting ready for DRB submittal.

Hours Worked: 4 hours

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation


Tuesday, March 26

Worked on stair & ramp details for a pavilion structure for a new development project, placed details on a sheet & added material labels, and updated respective floor plans.

Hours Worked: 6 hours

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation


Wednesday, March 27

Picked up redlines on stair & ramp details.

Hours Worked: 4.25 hours

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation


Thursday, March 28

Hours Worked: 0 hours



While working on a set of detail drawings for a new project this week, it was very easy for me at first to forget about arranging the various elements in the drawing into layers and line weights until I printed out the sheet and was taking a look at my work. Although it comes off as a tedious task, redlining my own work before handing it off to my mentor or another colleague in the office for additional redlines has been pivotal in my growth as a designer. It serves as a great learning opportunity and I’ve slowly developed an eye for catching minute details that I wouldn’t have before. The addition of line weights really does give depth to a drawing and elevates the quality, making it more coherent.

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