03.25.19 Daily Blog and Weekly Reflection


Flight back from spring break was cancelled, missed work because I was not back in SC yet.


Today, I worked on renderings in enscape and changed material colors as requested by the client. This took about a hour and is in the project development and documentation category. Then, I went to a pre-bid meeting at the Citadel where we went and visited the site after the meeting. I categorized this meeting under the construction and evaluation category.


I missed work due to illness.


Today, I did redlines on wall details and floor plans of a project. I learned more about scaling factors in autocad.


This week I refined my redline skills and asked fewer questions while completing tasks. I learned more about xrefs and uploading attachments into autocad projects. I also got to participate in a pre-bid meeting which opened my eyes more towards the business side of projects and the role of an architect in these meetings.

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