SMHa 3.4-3.7

3.4 – 4 hrs.

The day was started finishing up the COMcheck areas from last week and moved into doing details for the middle school projects. Particularly bracket and connection details. (Project Development and Documentation)

3.5 – 5 hrs.

The details were finished up in the early morning and then a base plan and model was started for an elementary school in Revit, as well as a Lunch and Learn for insurance and liability claims. (Project Development and Documentation)

3.6 – 4.5 hrs.

The base plan/model was continued. (Project Development and Documentation)

3.7 – 4.25 hrs.

The base plan/model was continued and transitioned throughout the day into roofing details and red lines for two of the other middle school projects. (Project Development and Documentation)

Summary – 

This week was a wrap up of last weeks COMcheck areas with a break with some other tasks before running calculations. In the intermediate, bracket and connection details needed to be drawn. These tasks, as I’ve stated before, particularly help me as construction or technical aspects are not my strongest suit. By looking at details for review or drawing them it helps me develop an actual understanding of how a building goes together. It is especially helpful in trying to create solutions for details or aspects in our studio project as we start to move towards reality. There has also been spark of conversation about what our class is doing in studio and how particular details could be worked out, which is interesting and beneficial. Majority of the week though as you see, was spent on a base plan and model. Focusing on accuracy to make sure that what is done in the future can be correct for the existing structure.

Again, this week what I found most interesting was what was learned at the Tuesday lunch and learn discussion. It very well related back to what I discussed  a few weeks ago with the other firm potentially being sued for mistakes. In relation to practice and project management, we discussed insurance and liability. Mostly defining what a claim is and what to do in regards to one. Understanding that if someone states an issue and whats you to make it whole or fix it you need to report this to your insurance to be prepared. Making  sure not only your firm but your subs are covered so that it doesn’t come back and hurt you. With this, that means understanding what a risky project or client/sub relationship is. To mediate and help yourself if a claim is filed it is vital to save everything. File conversations and work so that if years down the line something comes up you have evidence and will have of “written your own history” as memories fade and you don’t want it to be your word against anothers’ or an “experts”.



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