Nicole Coker Daily and Week 2 Reflections 2/21/19

Daily Tasks 2/18/19-2/21/19


Today I completed all edits on the College of Charleston RFQ and made edits to the master document. AXP: Practice Management


I began a new RFQ for the Folly Beach City Hall Renovation project. This included finding relevant project examples of interior spaces that the firm has done to adequately show the client that C&M is prepared for the job if given the opportunity to work with the Folly Beach City Hall. AXP: Practice Management.


I spent most of today making sure all the information in the Folly Beach City Hall RFQ was correct and ordered in a logical manner. In the process I had to call the client to get a better understanding of their requirements so that the RFQ was at the correct standard to submit. After completing all edits, I printed and went through the process of binding the RFQ so that it could be delivered. AXP: Practice Management


Since the College of Charleston RFQ is not due to submit until 28th of this month, I was able to hold off on binding the prints until today. After it was all said and done, there were 7 bound RFQ’s ready to be mailed. Since all of the new Requests for Qualifications have been completed, I am now going back and searching for missing information on Project Example 330’s. AXP: Practice Management

Week 2 Reflection

After a full week of creating new RFQ’s to submit to potential clients, I learned the real value of creating a great resume to land new projects. I was able to learn the importance of triple checking your work to make sure everything such as spelling, images, and information were all correct to show the client that you can follow directions, you are detailed, and will be reliable if selected to work on the project at hand.

This weeks AXP achievements: Practice Management Skills

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