Mackenzie Abernethy: Weekly Blog Post # 2

Martin Luther King Pool Cover
Charleston, South Carolina
Project Scope:  Our firm is renovating the existing pool in downtown Charleston, the MLK public pool.  This renovation includes new landscaping/fencing, an entirely new strucuture covering the pool, a renovation of the existing buildings, and additional parking across the street.
Project Manager:  Mike Nixon
Role of Student:  Working on Redlines for this project.  I spent time organizing files, printing sheet sets, and editing documents for the project architect.

What I have learned:

This week emphasized more of a broad idea – sometimes, you don’t get a lot done.  I feel like this entire week was spent working on fixing the same files over and over, and working on getting my Autodesk to cooperate with me.  Even though I worked the entire week, I feel like I didn’t get too much accomplished.  Even though it’s a little disappointing, I know that sometimes there are ups and downs.  I also realize that architects need to also be computer-wizzes.

More on a learning level, I realized that the architect is responsible for putting everyone’s drawings together.  Mechanical, plumbing, electrical, civil, etc.  I spent a lot of time organizing the work from everyone into our large filing system.  I suppose the project architect is more like a hub of communication for any project.  This job seems to have more and more layers every week.

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