Audrey Hesson: 2.18-2.21.19

This week a total of 17 hours were worked. Approx. 3 hours for C/E, 3 PM, 8 PD

Each day was spent working on red lines for educational projects,  roof and wall details, as well as a lunch and learn on Tuesday and a site visit for Berkeley Ed on Wednesday. The overall takeaway from this week is the key in paying attention to the details and construction of a design. Beyond just doing the details one of the principals told a story from a client meeting he had returned from. He had no idea what they were really meeting about until he arrived. A particular firm in the Charleston area had made major mistakes in the construction of the building envelope and they were looking to go to court over the mistakes and wanted SMHa to testify against them – forensic architects. It was denied but it was a reiteration of the importance of paying attention to such things.

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