Roberto Diaz: Weekly entry

The experience that impacted me the most in regard to the practice of architecture was the site visit to the nearly finished student housing building on King Street.  The contractor and the developer are the same and thus the architect does not have as much power. There is several thigs in regards to the aesthetics that the architect is not entirely content with, but since it is always two against one, they have decided to only fight for those changes necessary to avoid legal problems in then future, such as ADA accessibility.  Even when LS3P does inspections to the construction site every two weeks, there is a lot that is out of their hands. The visit was an insightful sight of some of the headaches of professional practicing.

Records of work:

project title. – Sign for an existing warehouse at 2453 King Street.

project location. – 2453 King Street, North Charleston

project scope. – Illuminated sign

project manager. – Brian Wurst

role of the student – The previous week I worked on the numbers while someone else drew the crown. This week I put the two together and created a brief set a document to be sent to a sign manufacturer in order to get feedback from them.

Documents drafted by me and redlined by my supervisor. I went back to make the changes before sending them to the sign manufacturer.

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