Hannah Moss | Rosenblum Coe Architects | Week 14

Monday 04/18/2022: Weekly meeting and organize & size images on portifino project for vista Del Mar.  (AXP Hours: 4:00)

Tuesday 04/19/2022: Count work for vista Del Mar. Change title blocks on all sheets and add remaining images to sheets.  Added crosshatching marks on plans to show where dry wall will be removed. (AXP Hours: 6:00)

Wednesday 04/20/2022: Count work for vista Del Mar.(AXP Hours: 4:00)

Thursday 04/21/2022: Count work for vista Del Mar. Added crosshatching to RCP and text & detailing work with dashed lines to existing regions. Moved onto Barcelona project for vista Del Mar  and added scope windows to all RCP and replaced images that were there because MECH was not showing after changing view range to floor above 10′ and changed tables and placed images on sheets. Created roof plan for WBMS for BCSD.(AXP Hours: 6:00)

Friday 04/22/2022: Count work for BCSD.  Added noon numbers and tags. crosshatching along the corridors. (AXP Hours: 4:45)

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