Charlotte Littlejohn | Tyler A. Smyth Architects | Week 5 (2/14-2/18)

Monday:  Spent an hour organizing files of project archives; spent 3 hours making revisions to site plans for a new residence (Graves).

Tuesday:  Spent four hours making revisions to interior elevations for a new residence (Crowley).

Wednesday:  Spent four hours revising reflected ceiling plans/electrical plans for a new residence (Rothstein).

Thursday:  Spent half an hour delivering a drawing to be scanned and copied at A+E Printing; spent three and a half hours revising reflected ceiling plans/electrical plans and setting up wall and detail sections for a new residence (Rothstein).

Lessons Learned: I learned the importance of wall sections, especially in large-scale custom residential work for how unique and custom components of the build fit together; I also learned the importance of setbacks and construction boundaries for projects along marsh/wetlands.

AXP Earned:  1.5 hours for Practice Management, 3 hours for Construction and Evaluation, 11.5 hours for Project Development and Documentation

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