Monday November 1st – Thursday November 4th Blog Post

Weekly Entry: Log Summary – Delaney Skelly

Monday November 1st – Thursday November 4th

Time Worked:

  • Monday: 9-12:30, plus 1.5 hours from home
  • Tuesday: 11-5
  • Wednesday: 9-12:30
  • Thursday: 9-


Tasks Performed

  • Monday I focused on preparing for both client meetings later in the week. I worked on the Keating Project, we are selecting furniture, ordering samples, and getting everything ready for her selections. The next phase will be design boards. After work at home I created an exterior rendering board for Cumbaa in order to help them visualize the exterior materials and colors. These clients are very visual so we are trying our best to show them a realistic version so that they will make decisions. 
  • Tuesday I continued to work on Keating for a majority of the day. I was focused on furniture spatial planning in the floor plan using the furniture options I had selected to see what fits in the space best. I revised some things with Cumbaa after my boss met with them in the morning.  
  • Wednesday I worked on some organization things and prepared for our meetings tomorrow. I finalized and printed all our selections for Keating and laid everything out for her to come tomorrow and hopefully make furniture selections so that we can start to customize and order them. 
  • Thursday morning I prepared a document to send over to the Cumbaa’s as they weren’t able to come into the office today. I prepared all of the documents to send over to them. Then at 11 our other client Keating came in for a design meeting where we went over design options and got her to make certain decisions. 


Work Accomplished (AXP HOURS EARNED) 

18 hrs


Lessons Learned 

  • Enhance time management as we and working on multiple projects at once. 
  • Using my own measurements to create floor plans
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace and client transparency


Records of Work 

Project Title: Cumbaa Residence and Keating Residence

Project Location: James and Johns Island

Project Scope: Large

Project Manager: Beverly Bohan

Role of the Student: Assist in design and technical needs. 


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