Ian Kordonis | Kevin Hoertdoefer Architects | Week Eight

Total Hours| 11 Hours
AXP Hours| 11 Hours

Monday + Wednesday + Thursday
10.11.21 – 10.15.21

Ian’s Week:

Coming off a much needed fall break, my week was cut short, so I just worked the usual Wednesday and Thursday without my Monday hours. I was able to draw up some elevations for a project in North Carolina. This is the first time I have felt pretty comfortable at finishing a job quickly in PowerCADD. It has been a personal victory. From this process, Kevin red-lined my drawings and had me add detail in the form of a drip-edge, window details, and shading in certain slopes on each elevation. Drawing the elevations helped me visualize parts of built form I have not thought about before.

Records of work:

Murphy + Paige House
Charleston, South Carolina
Single Family Residential
Kevin Hoertdoerfer
Intern Design Development

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