Sarah Miley – Prompt One

Ben and I spoke about several aspects of architectural practice and focused on a specific instance for each category.

Business: Within your first meeting with the client, it is important to ask yourself if this is a client you want to work with. It is appropriate to turn away a client; especially if sensing they are not willing to accommodate for code requirements.

Design: In relation to building code, a circumstance that may arise is when sketching/working on a scheme in front of a client. You must be aware of basic requirements (such as distance of corridors to a means of egress). However, if unsure, it is appropriate to inform the client that you need to go to the office after the meeting to verify the code.

Budget: We must ask ourselves how do we explain the logistics of a project to a client? (If there is a tight budget where the money will be going.)

Contract: An ethical circumstance that was discussed was being aware of contract modifications. It is imperative to have a heightened awareness for change in language and to refer to AIA standards.

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