Breland Land | Haute Design | 4.19.21-4.22.21


Monday: Like most Mondays, I helped go through the packages that we received over the weekend. I returned the LVT samples back to Charleston Fine rugs and ran to the florist to make an order for a gift for a client. I also labeled client binders so that they match the other binders in the office.

Tuesday: I updated the plans for the Stafford design board since it had been a few months since they were updated to match the current plans. I then began the plans for the Nale project which was the house Beverly and I went to measure last week. I was getting a little frustrated because my measurements were not adding up.

Wednesday: I suppose I just needed to take some time away from the Nale plans because I came in and was able to finish them pretty quickly! I found samples for the Courthouse and reorganized them in to pouches and labeled them with their corresponding name on the construction set. I ordered the samples that we were missing as well.

Thursday: I worked with Beverly on how to design a new master bath and half bath on the existing floorpans for Nale. We sketched over my cad drawings and I am seeing how code and measurements are important for these projects. I also help select fabrics for a new project for a living room!

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