Ryan Murrey | SMHa | 2.15.21-2.18.21

This past week  I worked 14 hours. I spent the majority of my time working on two different projects in Revit. The first project was to correct an old site plan of a Goodwill that is being looked at for the purpose of a school, and create an updated Revit model.  Last week myself and two others went out to the Goodwill to measure the interior and exterior of the building using the old site plan as a guide. We used both the laser sensor and measuring tape to measure each room, wall, and column. I worked with Emily to measure while she copied down the measurements and made sure we didn’t miss anything.  With those measurements, I spent the early part of this week correcting the site plan and model of the Goodwill. Once it was updated, I spent some time dimensioning the entirety of the plan and model so we could better understand how the proposed ideas could work in the site. 

The next project I worked on was a pool house and cabana project that Billy is doing for a client. I spent the last half of the week working on translating a massing of the pool house from SketchUp into a Revit model. As I was arriving to work on Thursday, Billy was in the middle of a conversation about the budget of the pool house.  He spent some time after talking to me about the process of working with a client’s budget and how it can impact specific decisions regarding either design, material, and construction.  I spent the majority of the day pulling measurements from the SketchUp model into Revit. 

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