Maggie Gaston | Synchronicity Land + Architecture Feb. 15 – Feb. 19

This week at Synchronicity was very fun, lively and informative! I finally finished documenting the existing trees on site for one of their new projects and then compiled the trees into a tree schedule. The tree schedule that I created had information such as tree caliber, coordinates, species, trees to be removed and trees to be preserved. The schedule will be sent to an arborist soon so we can get more information and understanding of the vegetation on site. After I finished that task, I began working on construction documents for a subdivision development. I was given access to the AutoCAD files so I could make sure the building footprint fell within the required setbacks and created sidewalks and driveways. I then annotated the individual lots and created pdf files to be redlined and reviewed! I worked a total of 20 hours this week and 40 hours overall. My tasks throughout the week have already helped me improve my AutoCAD skills and knowledge. I am very excited to see what else I can pick up throughout my time at the office!

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