Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 9: 11/02-11/08

Hours Worked: 16.25

Total Hours: 157

Tuesday 11.03.20 – Continued where I left off last week on updating the window schedule for the Varn Project, and then moved on to drawing window elevations for each type. Once they were complete I moved on to updating the e plans for Varn, as the building was shifted again and they were in need of update. Worked all day today as it was fall break and I didn’t have class obligation in afternoon, also making up for taking Monday off.

Wednesday 11.04.20 – This is the first assignment I’ve been able to work somewhat independently on. I volunteered to take on a material count for the addition for Green Heart. It was a fairly straight forward estimate to add up nominal pressure treated members to let the client price out, however once beginning, the design had to be tweaked so that it was more buildable. After doing a sketch effort to correct plans, I created a table in excel for the material list and quantity of each.

Thursday 11.05.20 – Today I worked on a series of red line corrections for the Hunter Quinn Homes project, and re-exported a check sheet for Building A which was compiled and compressed with the others.

Thoughts: I enjoyed taking on a little more responsibility for the Green Heart project, which I knew would open the door to more potential work for that project in future weeks. It was very similar to the type of work I occasionally did when I worked for Habitat for Humanity, which involved pricing out decks and home repairs–which are always of a simply construction type and typically incorporate only a few different materials.

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