Cora Butler + Pinnacle Architecture: 11/09 – 11/13

Weekly Hours: 20

Total Hours: 184 hours

Summary: Prototype School

Monday (4):

  • Casework

Tuesday (4)

  • Classroom Rendering

Wednesday (4)

  • Classroom Rendering

Thursday (4)

  • Classroom Rendering

Friday (4)

  • Classroom Rendering

I worked 5 days this week so I could take off next week to prepare for my final review. I have a few more hours left that I will finish the week of Thanksgiving.

I spent the week working on a classroom rendering to showcase the casework I did. For the renderings I used design options to show a kindergarten classroom and an older elementary school classroom. There is a change in the size and layout of the furniture depending on the age. I’ll be spending my last few days gathering content from this semester for my portfolio

I never thought I’d be interested in school design, but I have really enjoyed my semester internship. I had never worked on a project of this site, but was surprised how simple it was when you break it down into repeating modules. After doing a bit of work for developer projects where you don’t always know the end user, it was nice to design something where I understood the user group and could draw upon my own experiences in schools. The other project I worked on was an athletic facility which was a new project type for me. I think I have come a long with my Revit skills starting from nothing to being able to set up and draw construction details for casework and do realistic renderings with Enscape. I’m really glad that I did this internship because I was able to push myself technically by earning a new software and creatively by tackling new project types.

On another note, I am so happy to say I have finally wrapped up my all of my AXP hours! I knocked out the last of my Construction & Evaluation hours by reviewing shop drawings for the kitchen and casework. I sat in on meetings about the firm’s branding and website development for my remaining Practice Management hours. I am looking forward to taking the exams this summer and fall and being able to finally say I’m an architect.

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