Kevin Crumley Week 10.5.20 – 10.8.20

Monday 10.5.2020

4 Hours Worked | CD Phase Redlines + Weekly Meeting | 2 AXP Hours


Tuesday 10.6.2020

4 Hours Worked | CD Phase Electrical + Lighting Plan | 4 AXP Hours


Wednesday 10.7.2020

4 Hours Worked | CD Phase Redlines | 4 AXP Hours


Thursday 10.8.2020

4 Hours Worked | SD Phase Modeling | 4 AXP Hours



Weekly Reflection:

This week while working at Rosenblum Coe Architects, I was able to work on a couple of different project types. The main office deadline was one of our residential projects in the CD phase and the goal was to finish the CD set at the end of the week. This resulted in me working on redlines and other task to be able to finish these drawings in time. One of the highlights included creating an electric and lighting plan for the project. Without an electrical engineer on the project, we were responsible for laying out the wall outlets and switches. On Friday I spent time modeling a project for a proposal. The existing building is a jail that need renovations and It was very interesting to be working on such a unique project type. Overall, another great week!

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