Jeremy Eaton + Synchronicity – Fall 2020 Internship



Jeremy Eaton | M.Arch II 2nd year

Mentor: Luke Jarrett + Todd Richardson

Date of Internship: August 28th, 2020 | December 2020

Clemson Architecture Center | Charleston


This semester I will be interning with Synchronicity | Land + Architecture. I am excited about the opportunity and expect it to be very influential towards my professional education.

Internship Goals


+ Learn more about project management.
I am really interested in how synchronicity works with clients, consultants, and contractors. Billing, contract fulfillment, client and consultant relationships are areas that I have little experience with professionally and hope to gain some insight as to how the team manages those aspects of the practice.

+ Gain some construction administration experience.
I am aware that this area might be difficult for an intern to be involved in but I hope to participate in any site visits, construction visits, documenting field reports and observations, or punch list procedures to learn how synchronicity navigates this phase of a project and achieves a high quality product.

+ Understand the synchronicity of Land + Architecture.
This internship is an opportunity to take an almost specialist course on urban infill, addressing urban issues, and designing with land and development alongside architecture within the context of the low country. I will not only gain professional experience but will add a lens to which I view architecture.

+ Gain insight on restaurant design.
I have a passion for cooking, gastronomy, and the culinary world. Synchronicity has some awesome restaurant design work and I hope to research, ask questions, and study their process and output.

+ Improve my time management skills.
The quality of work the firm produces in a timely manner while consistently acquiring new work is admirable. Synchronicity has an excellent model and atmosphere to better manage time professionally and I hope to see an improvement in both my scholarly efforts and professional efforts when this internship culminates.


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