Daily Blog Post & Weekly Summary 4/15-4/19

4/15 – Continued modeling existing conditions for small renovation on stairs and back deck of residence

4-16 – Began to model new conditions for small renovation including new front stairs

4/17 – Began to model new conditions for small renovation being done on a house on James Island.

4/18 – Set up construction documents showing side by side existing and new conditions of small renovation being done on James Island.

Weekly Summary


I began to expand my knowledge on the phasing element of Revit using these small renovation projects. I learned what went into doing small renovations, the process, and how much attention to detail no matter how small the project is required. I got to see one of my window design iterations come to life and be begin to be built in Revit. I also learned more about the process of interior renovations and how to efficiently make use of the space already given. I also learned how to properly set up construction documents for new and existing conditions.

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