SMHa 4.15 – 4.22

4.15 – 4.17: 4, 4, 0 hrs

The beginning of the week was dedicated to all final changes and adjustments to the CD set that went out Wednesday morning for the middle schools. Some adjustments having of needed to have been made per what I mentioned last week with the structural engineer sending necessary drawings in close to the deadline. Although the team on the project managed and had went beyond what they probably needed to design aspects themselves, which they noted taught them a lot, it did probably waste time. As when the drawings did finally come in, some that had been done by our firm were no loner needed or had to be adjusted to account for the structural drawings. It’s a case of needed to communicate and stay on top of consultants as best you can considering circumstances.

4.18 / 4.22: 4, 4 hrs

The end of the week and Monday will be spent designing a screen wall system and drawing the details for it on another project. Selection of materials in terms of dimensions were made and various layouts and sizes were tested. This should move into Monday, which will be my final day on assistantship with SMHa. Moving forward from this I will continue to work the same schedule the final two weeks of the semester and then will become full time for the summer after a nice break! I look forward to being able to stay on and see some projects through and get started on those coming in.

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