R. Bing @ LS3P/Week 7

March 2:  4 hours (Project Development and Documentation) Under direction of David Quick, I made some revisions to the RCPs for the Florence Crittendon Project. I believe these chances were made through coordinating with MEP, as some of the ceilings necessitated more space for systems within them, while others actually were brought higher up. March […]

R. Bing @ LS3P/Week 6

Feb 24:  4 hours (Project Planning and Design) Under direction of Lindsey Stang and Becky Smith, I worked on developing a render for MUSC’s Freestanding ED in Florence, SC. The clients were interested in seeing the concept we had developed for how to re-brand the building that was designed by another architecture firm, with the […]

R. Bing @ LS3P/Week 5

Feb 17:  1 hour (Project Management) Team meeting for Health Care sector, Team meeting for 171 Moultrie 3 hour (Project Planning & Design) Work on sketch/render for MUSC Free Standing ED in Florence, SC, to show exterior redesign that shows a building concept that seems more within the ranks of other MUSC buildings, from a […]

R. Bing @ LS3P/Week 4

Feb 10:  8 hours ( 8 hr Project Planning & Design)  Development of exterior massing concepts for Civic Hub building. Mostly worked on a scheme in sketchup practicing very broad strokes, pushing and pulling the mass strategically to highlight target areas  Feb 11:  3 hours (Programming and Analysis)  Development of exterior scheme for Civic Hub […]