Week 9

Spring break! While we didn’t have school this week, I still chose to work full days on Monday and Tuesday. I was a little late getting started with my hours at the beginning of the semester and working two full days made up for a whole week. This week was out of the ordinary, not […]

Week 8

This week I moved over to mostly working on a residential renovation. It’s interesting moving over to a smaller renovation project and seeing how that compares to other projects so far. While the airport projects are also small, they are a part of a much larger project and have a very different feel. The warehouse […]

Week 7

So, after all that time learning how to make a truss in Revit, the design of the taxi lot has changed and it no longer includes a truss. The design has simplified quite a bit but it was great to have the learning experience for a more complicated design. In the place of the truss […]

Week 6

2|24 – This morning when I got into work I was expecting to keep working on the warehouse additions but instead I was faced with a new challenge. I was given a PDF of a floor plan that only had exterior overall dimensions and a parcel survey line and I was asked to “Revitize” the […]

Week 5

2|17 – 4 hours working on the warehouse bathroom project. I learned how to duplicate and then edit legends and schedules so that the original legends/schedules were not changed on the sheets that they were already on. Because this is an addition to a project that was recently done, everything needed already existed in the […]

Week 4

2|10 – 2 hrs of Revit tutorials, 2 hrs of starting to actually work in Revit. I was given an introduction to a warehouse project where there simply needs bathrooms to be added. I spent some time getting an introduction to the project, getting access to the BIM 360 model, and some direction on what […]

Weeks 1-3

This was the *unofficial* first week of my internship. I am working this semester at LS3P, a large firm involved in a large diversity of market sectors, and I will be floating within the office working on a large variety of projects. This is my first internship, which means a big learning curve in the […]