WEEK 6: Client Meeting

This week we finally had the client meeting to go over the Green Heart Garden project. There was a miscommunication on the orientation of the classroom. We had envisioned the acoustic wall as a barrier wrapping around the children having their back to it and facing the teacher. However, they envisioned it as a backdrop […]

Week 5

The highlight of this week was getting to listen in on a conversation with a developer about potential housing projects. I have always been curious about real estate development and it was fascinating to hear them predict market trends, such as the rise of detached single family housing, the shift away from home ownership to […]

Week 4: ACE Mentorship

The highlight of my week was participating in the ACE Mentorship program at Burke high school. We went in for a morning to volunteer with other local design professionals and civil engineers. We went through a quick design schematic to design a building on a lot near the school. The kids came up with the […]

Week 3

Sarah and I really buckled down and wrapped up the drawings for the Green Heart Garden project. It took longer than I expected it to take because of conforming to the firm’s graphical standards. It was also a new challenge to work on a project concurrently with someone. We had split up elevations and plans […]

Intro Week + Green Heart Garden

[Sorry I originally posted this in the wrong place…] I started working at Synchronicity last week. The first week was mostly onboarding activities to get used their process. I tagged along for a construction site visit to check on the progress at Old Village Post Inn in Mount Pleasant. Its a renovation of the existing […]