Chari Chambers: Road to the BAR (Spring Break)

This week started with organizing documents, and wrapping up work from last week.  I also attended a Dixie Ply Consultation, with vendors from Charlotte, NC.  I learned about the types of inexpensive material options they have for commercial use such as: ATI’s vacuum-pressed laminates, FRP’s chemical substrates, MirrorFlex, and Lucere’s architectural resin.   Time worked:  […]

Chari Chambers: Eave Return Detailing

I am learning how to draw an eave return, and all the components in its’ sectional drawing.  From what makes up a classical return and the potential additions that are made to match existing historical conditions. Time worked:  7.0 hrs AXP category: Project Development & Documentation 12 March 2019

Chari Chambers: Two Week Summary

Week 3 (Feb. 26 – Feb. 27) ​This week I worked in the field collecting data from the site, taking measurements, photographs, and sketching details.  I spent two days working with my coworker translating hand sketches into digital drawings for construction documents that will be presented to the BAR in the coming weeks. Time worked: […]

Chari Chambers: BAR-L

Today I attended a meeting with the Board of Architectural Review at the Gaillard Center.  I met the City of Charleston’s Director of the Preservation Office, contractors, and engineers; as they discussed with Kevan, fire codes, fireproofing, historical siding and roofing alterations, and building orientation.  When we returned to the office, Keene Building Products hosted […]

Chari Chambers: In the field…

I visited the site to sketch the existing conditions of several houses eave, eave return, and rake details.  I am learning the terminology in the field, which is more helpful, as I am able to place a name to the detail during the documentation, rather than learning directly from a textbook. Time worked:  7.0 hrs […]