Hannah Moss | Rosenblum Coe Architects | Week 9

Week 9

Rosenblum Coe Architects

Hannah F. Moss


October 17, 2022:             8:00AM – 12:00PM


Monday morning Staff meeting to go over projects and to check the status update and prioritize what projects need more attention.


  • Job Title:
  • Garage Test Fit Study


  • I am tasked with designing dorms on top of a parking garage to see how many can fit in the space based on zoning rules. After reviewing design comments, I continued making changes to the garage test fits.

October 18, 2022:              8:00AM – 12:00PM

  • Job Title:
  • Garage Test Fit Study


  • Created new floor plan layouts for the test fit study. Created dorms that would be high density high volume. Tried laying them out in a way that would allow in as much light as possible. I tried placing study rooms on each floor.


  • Harborview Presbyterian Church Renovation


  • Created files in the S and T drive for this project. Added PDF files to 02- Programming. Added a created a copy of the template excel file of Tom’s contact information and church in the excel contacts list.


  • Dorchester EOC


  • Created Proposal Request 19 from exhibit 19 that Steve created.


October 19, 2022:              OFF

October 20, 2022:              OFF

October 21, 2022:              OFF


Total AXP Hours Earned: 8


Skills Learned:

The skill I learned this week was more of a refresher. When we go to make ASI’s or RFI’s or PR’s you need to go to the AIA’s website to use their legal documents.  I was told that when a job has an issue, and something needs to be added a change order s required to have a legal document stating that whatever is going to be changed.

Since most of my work is for the test fit studies on the garage, I will show a very rough idea of how I started out the dorm spaces.  Unfortunately, this is all just an idea so it may never come to build but it’s just for options in case there is a chance to do something there is some idea of what could work in this space.



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