Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 10

Project: Entitlement Research 

Project Manager: Jacob Lindsey 

Monday – 11.14.22

Monday I added a section into my presentation dividing King Street into its three sections (upper, middle and lower). And began working of the graphics for this.

Axp. Hours: 2.5         Category: Programing & Analysis

Tuesday – 11.15.22

My task was a little more demanding. I had to reconfigure my timelines to then create one that had each project compared to the others based on duration, and not chronology. I spent the most of this day working on that, but was pulled into a meeting with Jacob and Sam (VP of the office) to talk about the affordable housing fee.

Axp. Hours: 5          Category: Programing & Analysis

Wednesday – 11.16.22

While compiling my fixes from Jacob, we (Jacob and I) talked with Dan and Sam about their regards of my presentation, now that they were able to look at it in detail. I received additional fixes to make on some of the graphics. The rest of the day was spent making the new adjustments.

Axp. Hours: 4         Category: Programing & Analysis

Thursday – 11.17.22

More mental gymnastics. My task today was to build a fee simulator based on the zoning code from the city and apply it to our project in order to get information to accurately put into the PUD.

Axp. Hours: 5          Category: Programing & Analysis

Friday – 11.18.22 

Friday went back to fixing infographics and adding the Union Pier information into my analytical data.

Axp. Hours: 3.5       Category: Programing & Analysis


Lesson Learned:

This week has been a combination of the weeks prior, in terms of what I learned. It included a little bit of data organization, a little about how the city municipal departments work, and a little on how to calculate the numbers that support/drive our projects. Each day I spend in Lowe has presented itself to be a different task each day in the sense that, I may be working on the same projects, but there are so many details and components that go into it that it keeps things interesting.

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