Shelton Stevenson SGA|NW Week 4

10/3/22 (8am-12pm)

Monday morning we started with our weekly Monday morning meeting. We discussed what we did over the weekend and we talked about any upcoming projects and meetings that we have during this week. So to start off my Monday morning I started by finishing up the stage and cafeteria pictures in photoshop. After I finished them I saved them for our presentation on Wednesday. Once I finished that I went back to working on Jane Edwards again. This was also in preparation for our presentation on Wednesday morning. I worked on this before I ended my day on Monday.

10/4/22 (8am-12pm)

On Tuesday morning I continued to work on making edits on Jane Edwards plan. I had to edit the beams and for each of the walls all around the building. While working on that we had a lighting informational with fluxwery. They talked about different light fixtures that they offer for different lighting personas. After the informational I went back to working on Jane Edwards plan. I had to go and edit walls and doors that we had found in the file.

10/5/22 (8am-12pm)

Wednesday I started by editing the room tags before our presentation. After we made those changes we got our presentation together for our meeting at 10am. This project meeting was for Jane Edwards. We was showing them our different color options for different sections of the school. We showed them the photoshop files of the stage as well as the cafeteria. After we went through the presentation the only had a few comments about changing the color of a few walls in the building. There last comment whether or not they wanted to paint the kitchen and they said we would discuss that at a later date. After the meeting we went back to working on the Garrett file.

10/6/22 (8am-12pm)

Thursday morning came around and i ended up having to make one more edit to the jane Edwards file befoore we sent it to the school. I had to go back and out in the windows around the school that I had forgot to do. Once i fixed that i finally went back to the Garrett file and fixed all of the red line marks on the plan. Started by fixing door tags and numbers. After that i had to go through each section and make sure that everything was in the plan and that everything matched. I finished my day leaving 1 more section that i have to fix Monday morning.


Total AXP Hours: 16

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