Gauge Bethea – Prompt 1

Today, I sat down with my mentor and discussed the topics found in Dana Cuff’s book, Architecture: The Story of Practice, in which she discusses architectural praxis. Praxis is the day-to-day practices that are apparent in each firm; however, the way an individual firm approaches the concept of praxis is uniquely based on its culture. In today’s world, processes are usually standardized across the board due to AIA Contracts, institutional codes, and permitting requirements; however, each firm decides how to define these conventions. My mentor and I further discussed client-contractor relationships and how those connections are made. My mentor gains clients from interactions at city meetings which she finds has been successful for her firm. As for creating relationships with contractors, kick off meetings and initial conversations to discuss wants and needs for a project are the best way to initiate a partnership.



  1. What do I do if a contractor is engaging in unsafe building or inspection practices?
  2. Is it the architect’s responsibility to say something if a contractor is working without a permit?
  3. What do you do if another architecture firm copies your drawings and uses them as their own?

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