AJ Arch: 9.19-9.22

Monday 9.19 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PPD; 

Today, I took the CAD file of the plans for 27 King and began modeling it in Revit. I finished modeling the first floor and began adding in details for the proposed kitchen

Tuesday 9.20 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PjM

I set up views for the interior elevations of the kitchen on the first floor and began designing where new cabinets will be placed. I designed a proposed China Cabinet to be built in the kitchen as well as an upgraded island with range.

Wednesday 9.21 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PPD

Today, I began modeling the second floor and focused mainly on the master bath and upgraded closet area.

Thursday 9.22 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PjM

I set up interior elevations for the master bath and closet as well as the guest bathroom to send to the contractor for review.

Total Hrs:  16 Hrs

The design for the upstairs master bath and closet area posed to be a challenge this week. As this is a new building, walls and windows don’t always align or are proportionate in a room. These are obstacles we have to design around in aging buildings. I learned that in these cases we have to work closely with the contractor and other consultants to express our intent of the design.

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