Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 8

Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 8


1919 Carlton

1919 Carlton Street, North Charleston

Duncan Cheney

Help Duncan with design, drawing, and daily tasks


Monday (3/28):  7:56 – 12:34 

On the Monday after the break, Duncan and I had a quick Teams meeting so I could show him my progress on the model and renderings.  He was happy with my work and suggested some detailed edits such as in the kitchen and the appliance layout for the house.


Tuesday (3/29):  9:25 – 12:45 

I continued to work on the model and made multiple versions of it to figure out why Lumion was having trouble with certain parts of it. Several walls weren’t showing up and one room was rotating around the rest of the model when I zoomed in or orbited.  Exporting again with different layers seems to have fixed the problems.


Wednesday (3/30):  8:02 – 1:22 

More model editing and getting furniture placed in the model were important for the final renders that were going to be produced from this work.

Thursday (3/31):  8:37 – 12:00

I had a brief meeting on Teams with Duncan again and we discussed some of the final drawings he needed for the project.  I learned what a load-bearing wall diagram should look like, as well as how to draw and understand an MEP plan.

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