Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 5

Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 5


1906 Success

1906 Success Street, North Charleston

Duncan Cheney

Help Duncan with design, drawing, and daily tasks


Monday (3/7):  8:08 – 11:38 

Monday was just for making adjustments to the park plan.  I added shading to the ground and cleaned up line weights.


Tuesday (3/8):  9:00 – 11:00 

I made more changes to the plan, such as widening the gates to 6 feet and labeling the utility poles around the site.


Wednesday (3/9):  9:00 – 11:00 

I added more detail to the drawings for the park and finalized the idea so volunteers could go ahead and finish up the project in North Charleston.


Thursday (3/10):  10:11 – 1:10

Thursday was a short day.  It was mostly just to chat with Duncan about upcoming work and to gear back up to make more progress on 1919 Carlton since the work with the park was coming to a close.

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