Hannah Moss | Rosenblum Coe Architects | Week 11

Monday 03/21/2022:    I started a new project where I will be updating 8 different drawings for Beaufort county school district. This summer a few of the school will need to have some general maintenance done on roofs and updating IT closets and paint jobs.  I will be creating all of the floor plants in Refit from a PDF sent to us and scale it.  I will have to create interior elevations and explain the scope of the job though annotations and notes.(AXP Hours: 9:00)

Tuesday 03/22/2022: Count work for BCSD mostly detailing (AXP Hours: 9:00)

Wednesday 03/23/2022: Count work for BCSD Finished plans for Whale branch and started two schools to get redlined.(AXP Hours: 8:00)

Thursday 03/24/2022: No Work, Spring Break (AXP Hours: 0:00)

Friday 03/25/2022: No Work, Spring Break(AXP Hours: 0:00)

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