Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 13

Monday (4/11/22):

Today, I worked on windows and door schedules for 11.5 St. Philip St.

Total Hours (3:51) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design

Tuesday (4/12/22):

Today I worked on the carriage house for 109 Rutledge. I worked on drafting 2 sections and adjusting elevations to match the changes from lifting the structure a few feet above grade.

Total Hours (4:07) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design

Wednesday (4/13/22):

Today, I continued worked on the sections for the 109 Rutledge carriage house. I started a window and door schedule for this project as well.

Total Hours (3:55) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design

Thursday (4/14/22):

I did not work today.


This week I learned more about sections and the process of lifting a historical structure and how the framing and support works during that process. I also went on a site visit with my mentor for a potential project a client wants us to take part in and I asked a lot of questions about development in Charleston and how real estate works in the area.

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