Hannah Moss | Rosenblum Coe Architects | Week 9

Monday 03/07/2022: Weekly meeting for the first two hours. Count. markups on the Dorchester LEC drawings. (AXP Hours: 4:30)

Tuesday 03/08/2022: Admin work, pick up drawings and marketing materials from A&E. Count. work from Dorchester LEC. Edit detail drawings added cabinets and base cabinets to the casework elevations.  Added key notes to countertops and cabinets.  In specific exterior elevations add sweeps to wall detail. (AXP Hours: 4:30)

Wednesday 03/09/2022:  Count. of the work from Dorchester EOC submittal logs. Count work on Dorchester LEC (AXP Hours: 4:30)

Thursday 03/10/2022: Count redline comments from Dorchester LEC. Started making detail drawing of chain link fence and adding annotations and key notes to drawings.(AXP Hours: 4:30)

Friday 03/11/2022: Count redline comments and detail drawings from Dorchester LEC chainlink fence. Create Powerpoint for a small office. The project was giving option to either add a room for the receptionist and have free flowing space around desks that were for employees, or create a larger break room for employees.(AXP Hours: 4:30)

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