Hannah Moss | Rosenblum Coe Architects | Week 10

Monday 03/14/2022:  Weekly meeting, super busy week. I will be assigned a new project to work on for BCSD, Beaufort County School District next week.  Steve asked me to go with him and Jerry to and OAC meeting, these are in person so I will get to tour the site.  Count. work for Dorchester LEC detail drawings. Added annotations and dimensions to drawing.  (AXP Hours: 4:30)

Tuesday 03/15/2022: Count. work/ red lines. Added keynotes and matched the right component.  Added reference section & added dimensions to enlarged plan act the Crime lab at Dorchester LEC (AXP Hours: 5:45)

Wednesday 03/16/2022:  Count. work/ redlines on LEC. Edit Master Keynotes list.  Add new room/existing room tags to demolition plan. Match existing door schedule to new door schedule. (AXP Hours: 3:30)

Thursday 03/17/2022: Dorchester EOC site visit/ OAC meeting. RCA & BCC and Other Subcontractors meet to go over the schedule of the submittals and other aspects of the project that need to be addressed.  I took notes for the meeting for RCA. Main topics were about the exterior brick siding and the waterproofing of the CMU walls. The waterproofing was not yet finished and they were bricking up the wall so the masons would have to come back and remove and reinstall to fix this.  Roofing was another issue.  The insulation was not applied before the flashing and there was a back and forth of what the outcome would be.  Eventually the roofer would fix the flashing to allow for the water to not get under the roof. HVAC was missing one component that was required to install it and get it upland running. Its about 9-40 weeks out. The HVAC that they have now will work but only for half of the building. They plan to get one section of the building working while the rest is waiting for the back order part. Finally Jerry took me out onto the job site and inspect the things we had just talked about in the OAC meeting.  There was rain the night before so it was nice and muddy. earlier that week they had laid the concrete pad that the HVAC machines and back up generators were going to lay on. Jerry took photos of all the work that was just talked about and he pointed out things that the roofer had made mistakes on. This has been Steve and Jerry’s favorite job Haha! Going to the job site was fun because I can see what it is that I am drawing. (AXP Hours: 4:30)

Friday 03/18/2022: No work, (AXP Hours: 0:00)

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