Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 9

Monday (3/14/22):

Today, I worked on finishing the floor plan for 65 Barre. That task didn’t take long so I moved to combining images and looking for sanborn maps for the BAR submittal for demolition. I moved on to modeling floor plan renovations at 109 Rutledge in CAD.

Total Hours (4:14) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design

Tuesday (3/15/22):

Today I worked on adjusting the floor plans for 109 Rutledge. I sat down with my mentor to go over the proposed plans that I drew and compared them to the existing structure. We noticed a few key corners or walls that were suggested to remove and we had to work them back in for structural reasons.

Total Hours (3:49) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design

Wednesday (3/16/22):

Today, I continued worked on 109 Rutledge. I finished our proposed floor plans and began elevations for the changes.

Total Hours (3:54) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design

Thursday (3/17/22):

I attended a client meeting for 109 Rutledge to go over the proposed floor plans. After the meeting I began working on 11.5 St. Philip Street wall sections. As I began detailing things out, we soon realized that some details like corners or wall types needed to be flushed out more.

Total Hours (4:34) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design


This week I learned about the effects design decisions can make to the structure of an existing building. Sometimes when we as designers or the client wants to change things for the sake of aesthetics, it can lead towards a more complicated structural detail than what was there before.

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