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Monday 3/14/22

Today I created a bulkhead detail for the Russell House Project and continued cleaning up RCP’s and other items the model for our CD’s.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Tuesday 3/15/22

Today was a continuation of model and drawing updates.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Wednesday  3/16/22

Today I worked on fixing window locations in the Winston Salem Apartment project and created tags for the windows for a document we are sending for historic review.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Thursday 3/17/22

Today I focused on wrapping up Winston Salem items and continued with other redlines from the Russell House Project.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Week Reflection:

This week in conversation with those at my firm that the way things are perceived sometimes are not the intentions of what was asked. I realized that after I moved the windows to their correct locations, I actually did the opposite of what I was supposed to because I interpreted the task incorrectly in conversation with my mentor. In the future I will ask for more clarification and be sure that I am doing the correct task.


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