Week 4 – Coker, Nicole – Daily and Weekly Reflection

Monday 2/21/22

This week I continued working on layouts for the apartment building in Connecticut, but this time rearranging unit layouts to accommodate for the new elevator and stair locations.

AXP: Programming and Analysis

Tuesday 2/22/22

Today I jumped in on our Winston Salem Project to take a look at turning a once lobby into a new 1bedroom unit. The space was very small to work with and by taking cues from other unit layouts near it and on other floors, was able to arrange the space to accommodate all the necessities.

AXP: Programming and Analysis

Wednesday  2/23/22

Today I finished out the unit layouts for Winston Salem and did a few odds and ends in the Russell House Project.

AXP: Programming and Analysis

Thursday 2/24/22

I rounded out the week by jumping back into the Russell House USC Dining project. We received location and equipment types for the dining area and I began to relay that information into our model.

AXP: Project Development and Documentation

Week Reflection:

This week I was able to learn to work and re-work unit layouts to create the best space possible while also accommodating for all its specific needs. I have enjoyed taking on that challenge to consider ideas and arrangements from multiple angles to provide the best verison. I also found the bonus in collaborating with my mentor in the office who has an extensive background in unit types and layouts and was able to see new versions of the unit plan just by having a conversation to see the opportunity in moving or shifting things he sees as well.

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