Charlotte Littlejohn | Tyler A. Smyth Architects | Week 7 (2/28-3/4)

Monday:  Spent three hours working on wall sections and details for a new residence (Rothstein); spent an hour updating the window schedule for a residence under renovation (929 Seagull)

Tuesday:  Spent four hours developing wall sections and details, then updating structural components after engineer review for a new residence (Rothstein).

Wednesday:  Spent four hours developing a colored/lightly rendered elevation of the North Exterior of a new residence (Rothstein).

Thursday:  Spent two hours developing the colored/lightly rendered elevation of the North Exterior for client review then an hour and a half researching and modeling chimney pots for a new residence (Rothstein); spent half an hour setting up interior elevations for a renovation to an existing residence (Cogswell).

Lessons Learned:  I learned how to change color and materials of components in Revit; this was so fun and I can see myself using this skill for future studio projects. I also learned how a design can change structurally with feedback from an engineer or contractor, so they should be involved with the project as early as possible to avoid major changes to the design in later stages.

AXP:  14.5 hours for Project Development and Documentation, 1.5 hours for Project Planning and Design

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