Red Iron Architects Feb 14-17

Monday 2.14 (Total Hrs: 0) AXP: 0

I was off today because we had a presentation for school.

Tuesday 2.15 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PP + D 

I helped scale two residential plans with their site plan together and created a pdf to send to consultants.

Wednesday 2.16 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PDD 

Today, I attended a finish meeting for the new school we’re designing.

Thursday 2.17 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 0 

I was off today because I didn’t feel well.

Total Hrs: 8 Hrs


Attending the finish meeting was very educational. I was able to meet some people who work for CCSD and the city. It was interesting to see their concerns and opinions about colors and materials. Attending these meetings helps me better understand how to present ideas and know what to expect in the future.

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