Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 5

Monday (2/14/22):

I worked on 124.5 & 122.5 Cannon Street Duplexes today. I designed the exterior staircase and balcony screen for 124.5 and then I lowered and changed the roof design for 122.5

Total Hours (2:50) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design

Tuesday (2/15/22):

Today I worked on finishing the screen for 124.5 Cannon Street. I rendered out quick views for 122.5 & 124.5 Cannon Street to be used as conceptual drawings for the client to approve next steps. I adjusted floor plans for 124.5 Cannon Street to match our program. And lastly, I worked on a possible floor plan adjustment for 186 St. Philip Street where the client proposed a flipped floor plan which means the living space is on a higher floor level than the bedrooms.

Total Hours (5:10) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design

Wednesday (2/16/22):

I was out sick.

Thursday (2/17/22):

I continued work on the floor plans for 186 St. Philip Street and created 2 design options for review.

Total Hours (2:03) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design


This week I got to see first hand how an architect handles a client during a difficult time. We are backed up to a deadline on a project and the client wants to make changes at the last minute. It was good to see how we can make changes and guide the client in the right direction when they want way more than they can have according to codes and other laws.

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