Red Iron 1.30-2.5

Monday 1.31 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 3 PA | 1 PDD

Today, I started out doing a Code Review for a Pre-engineered Metal Building that we’re working on. The project is in its early stages, and this is an initial review. I looked through the IBC book and learned to read the commentary. Then I finished off the day with an interior rendering.

Tuesday 2.1 (Total Hrs: 3) AXP: 3 PDD 

I worked on an exterior rendering of one of our previous projects to add to our marketing presentation.

Wednesday 2.2 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PDD

I worked on another exterior rendering to add to our marketing presentation for industrial buildings.

Thursday 2.3 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PDD

I worked on two more exterior renderings to add to our marketing presentation.

Total Hrs: 15 Hrs


This week I learned that codes and design go hand in hand. One shouldn’t be done without the other, but codes can work in favor of design. Also, while completing the renderings this week, I’ve had the chance to look at previous designs and study chosen materials and finishes as well as understand suitable plans and structures for certain building types.



Building: Jet Park Commerce Center

My Role: I created the rendering of this project which is one of our previously designed flex buildings. (Total time: 3 hrs)

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