Monday October 25th – Thursday October 28th

Weekly Entry: Log Summary – Delaney Skelly

Monday October 25th – Thursday October 28th

Time Worked:

  • Monday: 9-12:30
  • Tuesday: 10-4
  • Wednesday: 9-12:30
  • Thursday: 9-3


Tasks Performed

  • Monday we had a meeting with our Cumbaa client. This was a great learning curve to sit on because the business side is not always great, but you need to learn how to navigate through that. I learned how to handle conflict in a professional setting and what to do when a client and designer are not on the same page. After that I worked on refinements from the meeting and design boards for that project. 
  • Tuesday I continued to work on design boards and furniture proposals for the Cumbaa House. I really enjoy making the design boards and trying to create a more visual, conceptual render of our selections for the client to pick and choose what they want based on that. 
  • Wednesday I started floor plans for a new project we are starting. Last week we went out to their new house that they are renovating and took measurements. I then took those measurements to CAD and started creating floor plans for the space. This project is going to include a lot of their previous furniture that my boss had already helped them pick out for their old house and new furniture as well. 
  • Thursday I worked on and revised an old binder of the client’s current furniture and started to import the sizes of that into the new house floorplan to see what can go where. I started to look at possible furniture options to propose to the client based on what I had presumed to be their taste after our first meeting. I am excited about starting this project as both projects I am now working on are vastly different but both very interesting and teaching me a lot.  


Work Accomplished (AXP HOURS EARNED) 


Lessons Learned 

  • Enhance time management as we and working on multiple projects at once. 
  • Using my own measurements to create floor plans
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace and client transparency


Records of Work 

Project Title: Cumbaa Residence and Keating Residence

Project Location: James and Johns Island

Project Scope: Large

Project Manager: Beverly Bohan

Role of the Student: Assist in design and technical needs. 


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