Maddi Riester | Tyler A. Smyth Architects | 10.18.21-10.22.21

Hours: 20.25 AXP: 20.25

This past week, I have mainly been giving my full attention to the Ross Renovation. I’ve been tidying everything up to submit it to the ARB. Unfortunately, after doing the math multiple times, the proposed lot coverage is over by .27%. We are hopeful that if we give sound reasoning why it should be over this, the ARB will let us move forward with the project, or we will have to go back to make modifications. The Ross family is an older couple and wanting to stay in their home as long as they can. This is why we have made some changes to the stairs to extend them out more so the Ross’s can use them more easily. I also worked on modeling out a privacy fence for a 98 Ashley Avenue renovation to cover the HVAC, and lastly, I started to model out the existing Boyd-Sellers home. I will later next week begin to work on the proposed layout of them wanting to enclose a section of the porch area.

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