Emma Gibson – Week 7


AXP Hours: 16 hours

Time Worked: 16 hours

Tasks Performed: working on side elevations for the Sullivan’s island DRB, as-built drawings laying out piers on the ground floor, model for Birds of Prey renderings   

Lessons Learned: 

This week we made headway finishing drawings to move along the permit process. Demo on the house started and we were able to visit the site and see what was going on. It is a great experience watching an interior space change this way. It’s much more open and I can tell already that circulation throughout the house will be more organic. I am getting better at measuring and learning how to visualize a space in my head which is something I struggled with at the beginning of this project.  

Records of Work:

Project Title: Godley Residential Renovation

Project Location: Sullivan’s Island 

Project Scope: extensive exterior and interior renovations

Project Manager: Alicia Reed

Role of the Student: all drawings (as-built, plans, demo, additions, elevations) 


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