RJ Gross | Beau Clowney Architects | Week 7


This week I worked a total of 16 hours and earned 16 AXP hours.

This week I worked on two projects. The first was a residence on Sullivan’s Island. I worked mostly on the interior elevations which includes designing the cabinetry for the kitchen, butler’s pantry, and bar. I also had to design a custom bunk layout in one of the large bedrooms. The other project I worked on was a renovation project on Tradd Street, downtown near the Battery Park. This residence was particularly strange as to access the kitchen and living room at the back of the house you had to go through the buttlers pantry and laundry area. We changed this design to include this as part of the kitchen and adding a bathroom.

This week I learned the importance of interior elevations especially so the client can get a better understanding of what we design from a “non-plan” point of view. I also learned that many of the houses, especially in downtown Charleston, have strange programing configurations and how we can make a strange problem into a design solution.

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